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Audi Genuine OEM Parts & Accessories
Our professional sales staff is ready to take your order. Our reps can assist you in any order placement questions you have. Stock up on Audi parts for your maintenance needs so you qualify for free shipping. Our prices are quite a bit lower than retail and dealer pricing. No delivery fee on any Audi parts orders over $48 smackaroos. Let AutohausAZ.com be that company that helps you with your Audi parts purchase. Question about a particular part, email our parts department at Parts@AutohausAZ.com. We ship our Audi parts from many different warehouses from all across the USA.

The Audi is a product of legendary German engineering, and is famous for its legendary performance and handling under all road conditions. This handling depends on certain Audi parts that require regular replacement at scheduled intervals. If your Audi seems to bounce more than it used to after hitting a bump in the road, chances are you need a new set of shocks. These Audi parts are not expensive, and are relatively easy to replace, but the consequences of neglecting then can be costly. The same goes for fuel system components, and that’s something to think about nowadays! If your Audi has a dirty air filter, it can be wasting up to 5% of its fuel, and this can really add up over the course of a year. Other Audi parts that your fuel system depends on include the fuel filter, O2 sensor and PCV valve. Fuel injectors are some of the most efficient fuel delivery devices yet invented, but they are precision instruments that can become clogged easily. Fuel injectors are among the discount Audi parts that are readily available.
Typically, you’ll wind up installing a new set radiator hoses at least once every two years, belts are another item that wear out regularly. Some Audi parts will last over 100,000 miles or more, but items like these wear out far more frequently. Paying attention to these details can go a long way toward making sure your Audi is running at its peak for many years to come.
Search Our Online Audi Parts Catalog & Save Thousands on Audi Repairs!
You can quickly check price and availability on the Audi auto parts you need in our exclusive parts catalog. You can search for parts in the
online catalog by part number, keyword search, car system, repair job, savings
or parts grouping. You can even view related Audi parts repair articles in a separate window while searching for
your parts! You can browse the Audi Parts Catalog in the main site or, if
you're already a member, save time by logging into the Secure Audi Parts
Shopping Area.
Search for the lowest Audi parts prices in our extensive Audi auto parts catalog:Audi > AUDI S4 Fuel Filter
 Part # 4F0201511B
2006 AUDI S4 Fuel Filter
MannAudi > AUDI Cabriolet Spark Plug; Iridium
 Part # 9610
1996 AUDI Cabriolet Spark Plug; Iridium
BoschAudi > Audi TT Quattro Disc Brake Rotor
 Part # 40454001
2001 Audi TT Quattro Disc Brake Rotor
MeyleAudi > AUDI A3 Engine/Motor Mount; Bracket, Rear;
 Part # 1K0199855BB
2009 AUDI A3 Engine/Motor Mount; Bracket, Rear;
Genuine VW/AUDI
Audi Models We Offer Parts For:
  • Audi 100 Parts
  • Audi 200 Parts
  • Audi 4000 Parts
  • Audi 4000CS Parts
  • Audi 4000S Parts
  • Audi 5000 Parts
  • Audi 5000CS Parts
  • Audi 5000S Parts
  • Audi 80 Parts
  • Audi 90 Parts
  • Audi A3 Parts
  • Audi A4 Parts
  • Audi A5 Parts
  • Audi A6 Parts
  • Audi A8 Parts
  • Audi allroad Parts
  • Audi Cabriolet Parts
  • Audi Coupe Parts
  • Audi Fox Parts
  • Audi Q5 Parts
  • Audi Q7 Parts
  • Audi Quattro Parts
  • Audi R8 Parts
  • Audi RS4 Parts
  • Audi RS6 Parts
  • Audi S4 Parts
  • Audi S5 Parts
  • Audi S6 Parts
  • Audi S8 Parts
  • Audi TT Parts
  • Audi V8 Parts

Parts We Offer For Audi:
  • Audi ABS Relay
  • Audi ABS Speed Sensor
  • Audi AC Blower Motor
  • Audi AC Clutch
  • Audi AC Compressor
  • Audi AC Condenser
  • Audi AC Control Unit
  • Audi AC Evaporator
  • Audi AC Expansion Valve
  • Audi AC Hose
  • Audi AC Idler Pulley
  • Audi AC Pressure Switch
  • Audi AC Receiver Drier
  • Audi AC Switch
  • Audi AC Tensioner Pulley
  • Audi Air Filter
  • Audi Air Intake Hose
  • Audi Air Mass Meter
  • Audi Air Mass Meter Boot
  • Audi Air Mass Meter Hose
  • Audi Air Pump
  • Audi Alternator
  • Audi Antenna Mast
  • Audi Auto Trans Oil Pan
  • Audi Auxiliary Fan Assembly
  • Audi Auxiliary Fan Blade
  • Audi Auxiliary Fan Switch
  • Audi Auxiliary Water Pump
  • Audi Axle Assembly
  • Audi Back Up Light Switch
  • Audi Ball Joint
  • Audi Blower Motor
  • Audi Blower Motor Housing
  • Audi Blower Switch
  • Audi Brake Accumulator
  • Audi Brake Booster
  • Audi Brake Caliper
  • Audi Brake Disc
  • Audi Brake Drum
  • Audi Brake Hardware Kit
  • Audi Brake Hose
  • Audi Brake Master Cylinder
  • Audi Brake Padbwvcstuqsevettcstyxrrwqfyrdfytwswse
  • Audi Brake Pad Sensor
  • Audi Brake Pad Set
  • Audi Brake Pad Shim
  • Audi Brake Pads
  • Audi Brake Pedal Pad
  • Audi Brake Pressure Switch
  • Audi Brake Reservoir
  • Audi Brake Reservoir Cap
  • Audi Brake Rotors
  • Audi Brake Shoe Set
  • Audi Brakes
  • Audi Cabin Filter
  • Audi Cam Follower
  • Audi Camshaft
  • Audi Camshaft Gear
  • Audi Catalytic Converter
  • Audi Clutch Disc
  • Audi Clutch Hose
  • Audi Clutch Kit
  • Audi Clutch Master Cylinder
  • Audi Clutch Release Arm
  • Audi Clutch Slave Cylinder
  • Audi Cold Start Valve
  • Audi Control Arm
  • Audi Control Arm Bushing
  • Audi Cooling Hose
  • Audi Cruise Control Switch
  • Audi CV Boot
  • Audi CV Joint
  • Audi Cylinder Head Gasket
  • Audi Diesel Injector
  • Audi Distributor Cap
  • Audi Distributor Rotor
  • Audi Door Check
  • Audi Door Handle
  • Audi Driveshaft Bushing
  • Audi Driveshaft Support
  • Audi Emblem
  • Audi Engine Mount
  • Audi Exhaust
  • Audi Exhaust Hanger
  • Audi Exhaust Pipe
  • Audi Exhaust System
  • Audi Exhaust Valve
  • Audi Expansion Tank
  • Audi Expansion Tank Cap
  • Audi Fan Blade
  • Audi Fan Clutch
  • Audi Fan Shroud
  • Audi Flex Disc
  • Audi Flywheel
  • Audi Fog Light
  • Audi Fog Light Bulb
  • Audi Fog Light Lens
  • Audi Fog Light Switch
  • Audi Fuel Filter
  • Audi Fuel Injector
  • Audi Fuel Pump
  • Audi Fuel Pump Relay
  • Audi Fuel Tank Cap
  • Audi Glove Box Latch
  • Audi Glow Plug
  • Audi Grille Assembly
  • Audi Hatch Strut
  • Audi Head Gasket
  • Audi Head Light
  • Audi Headlight
  • Audi Headlight Assembly
  • Audi Headlight Frame
  • Audi Headlight Lens
  • Audi Headlight Rim
  • Audi Headlight Switch
  • Audi Heater Core
  • Audi Heater Hose
  • Audi Heater Motor
  • Audi Heater Valve
  • Audi Hood Release Cable
  • Audi Hood Strut
  • Audi Horn
  • Audi Hub Cap
  • Audi Idle Control Unit
  • Audi Idle Control Valve
  • Audi Idler Arm
  • Audi Ignition Coil
  • Audi Ignition Control Unit
  • Audi Ignition Distributor
  • Audi Ignition Switch
  • Audi Ignition Wire Set
  • Audi Intake Valve
  • Audi Knock Sensor
  • Audi Mass Air Flow Sensor
  • Audi Mass Air Sensor Hose
  • Audi Master Cylinder
  • Audi Mirror
  • Audi Mirror Glass
  • Audi Mirror Switch
  • Audi Muffler
  • Audi Muffler Hanger
  • Audi Neutral Safety Switch
  • Audi O2 Sensor
  • Audi Oil Cooler
  • Audi Oil Filter
  • Audi Oil Pan
  • Audi Oil Pump
  • Audi Oxygen Sensor
  • Audi Park Light Lens
  • Audi Pilot Bearing
  • Audi Piston Ring Set
  • Audi Piston Set
  • Audi Pitman Arm
  • Audi Power Antenna
  • Audi Power Steering Hose
  • Audi Power Steering Pump
  • Audi Pressure Plate
  • Audi Radiator
  • Audi Radiator Cap
  • Audi Radiator Hose
  • Audi Radiator Mount
  • Audi Release Bearing
  • Audi Repair Manual
  • Audi Reset Tool
  • Audi Rocker Arm
  • Audi Rod Bearing Set
  • Audi Rotors
  • Audi Seat Switch
  • Audi Service Reset Tool
  • Audi Shock Absorber
  • Audi Shock Bellows
  • Audi Shock Bushing
  • Audi Shock Mount
  • Audi Shocks
  • Audi Side Marker
  • Audi Side Marker Lens
  • Audi Spark Plug
  • Audi Spark Plug Cover Seal
  • Audi Spark Plug Tube
  • Audi Spark Plug Tube Sealbwvcstuqsevettcstyxrrwqfyrdfytwswse
  • Audi Spark Plug Wires
  • Audi Starter
  • Audi Starter Relay
  • Audi Steering Damper
  • Audi Steering Rack
  • Audi Steering Rack Boot
  • Audi Strut Assembly
  • Audi Strut Insert
  • Audi Strut Mount
  • Audi Struts
  • Audi Sunroof Handle
  • Audi Sunroof Motor
  • Audi Sunroof Relay
  • Audi Sunroof Switch
  • Audi Sway Bar Bushing
  • Audi Tail Light
  • Audi Tail Light Assembly
  • Audi Tail Light Lens
  • Audi Thermo Time Switch
  • Audi Thermostat
  • Audi Tie Rod Assembly
  • Audi Tie Rod End
  • Audi Timing Belt
  • Audi Timing Belt Tensioner
  • Audi Timing Chain
  • Audi Timing Chain Tensioner
  • Audi Transmission Filter
  • Audi Transmission Gasket Set
  • Audi Transmission Overhaul Kit
  • Audi Transmission Pan Gasket
  • Audi Trunk Seal
  • Audi Trunk Strut
  • Audi Turn Signal
  • Audi Turn Signal Lens
  • Audi Turn Signal Relay
  • Audi Turn Signal Switch
  • Audi Valve Cover Gasket
  • Audi Valve Spring
  • Audi Valve Stem Seal
  • Audi Voltage Regulator
  • Audi Water Pump
  • Audi Wheel Bearing
  • Audi Wheel Cylinder
  • Audi Wheel Hub
  • Audi Window Motor
  • Audi Window Regulator
  • Audi Window Switch
  • Audi Windshield Wiper Motor
  • Audi Wiper Blade

Cars We Offer Parts For:
  • Acura Parts
  • Audi Parts
  • BMW Parts
  • Buick Parts
  • Cadillac Parts
  • Chevrolet Parts
  • Chevy Parts
  • Chrysler Parts
  • Dodge Parts
  • Eagle Parts
  • Ford Parts
  • Geo Parts
  • GMC Parts
  • Honda Parts
  • Hummer Parts
  • Hyundai Parts
  • Infiniti Parts
  • Isuzu Parts
  • Jaguar Parts
  • Jeep Parts
  • Kia Parts
  • Land Rover Parts
  • Lexus Parts
  • Lincoln Parts
  • Mazda Parts
  • Mercedes Parts
  • Mercury Parts
  • Mini Parts
  • Mitsubishi Parts
  • Nissan Parts
  • Oldsmobile Parts
  • Plymouth Parts
  • Pontiac Parts
  • Porsche Parts
  • Saab Parts
  • Saturn Parts
  • Scion Parts
  • Subaru Parts
  • Suzuki Parts
  • Toyota Parts
  • Volkswagen Parts
  • Volvo Parts
  • VW Parts

See What Customers Have To Say About Autohaus ArizonaDan N. — Kempner, TX: Again, I'm extremely satisfied with your quote and an order is on the way. Your addition of ancillary components is helpful makes reordering unnecessary... very nice!Frank A. — Mililani, HI: I received my parts today in excellent condition. Thank you for the quick service. Aloha.

The Ultimate 34-Charm Wizard Of Oz Bracelet

The Wizard Of Oz Ultimate Charm Bracelet

34 film character and image charms. Handcrafted with 24K-gold plating, with Swarovski® crystals, engraved quotes and gift box!

$199.00 US

$11.98 US

Available in 5 installments
of $39.80 US

Satisfaction Guaranteed:
Free Returns for 120 Days Help


Since its 1939 debut, The Wizard of Oz has touched our hearts with its beloved characters. Now, you can relive the entire magical story with unique collectible Wizard of Oz jewelry. This fine jewelry exclusive from The Bradford Exchange showcases 34 handcrafted character and image charms inspired by the classic film.The story unfolds with Dorothy and Toto as they move down the yellow brick road — a 24K gold-plated link bracelet — towards the Emerald City's Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Each charm continues the story, interspersed with genuine Swarovski® crystals along the way. Plus, 14 of the charms feature memorable movie quotes engraved on the reverse side. Bring home this one-of-a-kind bracelet, but don't delay. Order now!

California Residents click here for Proposition 65 notice.

This exclusive collectible Wizard of Oz charm bracelet from The Bradford Exchange features:
  • Extraordinary Wizard of Oz jewelry showcasing 34 beloved characters and images from the classic film, a fine jewelry exclusive from The Bradford Exchange
  • Handcrafted and plated with gleaming 24K gold

  • 34 unique handcrafted charms are arranged on this stunning bracelet in the order of the events they represent in the movie
  • Charms include: Dorothy, Toto, Rainbow, Tornado, House, Glinda, Glinda's Magic Wand, Munchkin Mayor, Lullaby League, Lollipop Guild, Wicked Witch of the West
  • Additional charms include: Scarecrow, Diploma, Ruby Slippers, Angry Apple Tree, Tin Man, Heart, Cowardly Lion, Badge of Courage, Wicked Witch & Crystal Ball, Poppies, Emerald City
  • More charms include: Doorman, Horse of a Different Color, The Great Oz, Witch's Castle, Winkie Soldiers, 2 Winged Monkeys, Hourglass, Water Bucket and Hat, The Wizard, Hot Air Balloon, and The Wizard of Oz Logo
  • 14 of the full-color charms feature memorable movie quotes engraved on their reverse side — quotable phrases from «There's no place like home» to «I'm melting! Melting!»
  • Hand-set genuine Swarovski® crystals add sparkling accents throughout this collectible Wizard of Oz jewelry
  • This stunning charm bracelet is finished with a matching locking clasp
  • Arrives in a beautiful custom-designed case for enhanced presentation
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Adjustable from 7" to 8" L; 17.8 cm to 20 cm L

The Ultimate 34-Charm Wizard Of Oz Bracelet

Buy This Item Now:
The Ultimate 34-Charm Wizard Of Oz Bracelet

Exclusive Wizard of Oz Charm Bracelet Soars Over the Rainbow! 34 Handcrafted Character Charms Tell the Entire Magical Story!
$199.00 US

$11.98 US

Available in 5 installments of $39.80 US

Item no:

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alt=«Add To Cart»/>

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THE WIZARD OF OZ and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and ©Turner Entertainment Co. Judy Garland as Dorothy from THE WIZARD OF OZ.
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