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21 Most Expensive Cartier Watches in the World — Insider Monkey cartier watches for sale
21 Most Expensive Cartier Watches in the World
Published on November 9, 2015 at 2:49 am by Ty Haqqi
in Lists
Page 1 of 13Next >> <div class=«clearfix» dnklxdge. <a href=«www.shiba-tokaido.eu/cxqfmuwc»>omega seamaster 300> <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN" «www.w3.org/TR/REC-html40/loose.dtd»> <?xml encoding=«utf-8» ?><?xml encoding=«utf-8» ?>Curious regarding the 21 most expensive Cartier watches in the world? Cartier is one of the most famous jewelry brands in the world, having been founded by Louis-Francois Carter in 1847. It is one of the rare famous watch companies not located in Switzerland, which is known as the home of the classiest watch makers. In fact, the company’s headquarters are located in Paris, France and the company managed to remain within the family for well over a century. fashion, watch, brand, luxury, expensive, class, 21 Most Expensive Cartier Watches
cartier watches for sale
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Cartier watches

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CartierTank SoloW5200028NEW$ 2,660
CartierTank SoloW5200026NEW$ 5,920
CartierTank LouisW1529856NEW$ 6,340
CartierCalibre De CartierWSCA0003NEW$ 4,670
Bestseller CartierSantos 100W20106X8NEW$ 4,600
CartierRonde SoloW6701011NEW$ 2,690
CartierRonde SoloW6700255NEW$ 1,950
CartierRotondeW1556369NEW$ 6,080
CartierRotonde1556368NEW$ 6,750
CartierRotondeW1556252NEW$ 15,670
by 30.10.  CartierRondeW6800251NEW$ 9,960
CartierRotondeW1556220NEW$ 18,540
CartierRonde SoloW6701009NEW$ 6,950
CartierRonde SoloW6700455NEW$ 4,510
by 30.10.  CartierRonde SoloW6701008NEW$ 4,510
CartierTortueW1580048NEW$ 49,000
CartierCléW2CL0002NEW$ 7,030
CartierCalibre De Cartier ChronographW7100060NEW$ 7,440
CartierCalibre De Cartier ChronographW7100046NEW$ 7,440
CartierCalibre De Cartier ChronographW7100061NEW$ 7,900
CartierCalibre De CartierW7100015NEW$ 5,660
CartierCalibre De Cartier ChronographW7100045NEW$ 7,900
CartierCalibre De CartierW7100041NEW$ 5,190
CartierCalibre De Cartier DiverW7100056NEW$ 5,780
CartierCalibre De CartierW7100016NEW$ 5,660
CartierCalibre De Cartier DiverW7100057NEW$ 6,230
CartierCalibre De Cartier ChronographW7100043NEW$ 9,800
CartierCalibre De Cartier ChronographW7100044NEW$ 20,750
CartierCalibre De CartierW7100009NEW$ 18,020
CartierCalibre De Cartier ChronographW7100042NEW$ 11,480
CartierCalibre De CartierW7100036NEW$ 8,960
CartierCalibre De CartierW7100051NEW$ 7,300
CartierCalibre De Cartier DiverW7100052NEW$ 19,840
CartierCalibre De CartierW7100039NEW$ 7,300
CartierCalibre De Cartier DiverW7100054NEW$ 9,130
CartierCalibre De Cartier DiverW7100055NEW$ 7,440
CartierCalibre De Cartier DiverW2CA0004NEW$ 8,200
CartierCalibre De CartierW7100050NEW$ 8,960
CartierCalibre De CartierW7100018NEW$ 32,620
CartierCalibre De CartierW7100040NEW$ 32,620
CartierCalibre De CartierW7100007NEW$ 18,020
CartierSantos 100W20073X8NEW$ 5,090
by 30.10.  CartierSantos 100W20107X7NEW$ 6,230
CartierSantos 100W20072X7NEW$ 7,030
CartierSantos DumontW2020033NEW$ 39,170
CartierPashaW3030021NEW$ 107,250
CartierCléWGCL0005NEW$ 14,670
CartierCléW2CL0003NEW$ 6,030
CartierCalibre De Cartier ChronographW7100047NEW$ 35,360
CartierCalibre De CartierWF100015NEW$ 46,020
CartierCalibre De CartierWF100013NEW$ 26,000
CartierCalibre De CartierWGCA0003NEW$ 14,520
CartierCalibre De CartierW2CA0002NEW$ 6,500
CartierTortueW1580050NEW$ 33,920
CartierTortueW1580049NEW$ 31,630
CartierTortueWGTO0003NEW$ 15,050
CartierTortueWGTO0002NEW$ 14,060
CartierRondeWR007003NEW$ 53,610
CartierRondeWR007007NEW$ 39,930
CartierRondeWR007004NEW$ 37,720
CartierRondeWR007008NEW$ 37,340
CartierRondeWR007002NEW$ 31,630
CartierRondeWR007001NEW$ 29,500
CartierRondeW6801004NEW$ 13,080
CartierRondeW6801005NEW$ 12,470
CartierRotondeW1556242NEW$ 156,700
CartierRotondeW1556221NEW$ 156,700
CartierRotondeW1556210NEW$ 133,110
CartierRotondeW1556214NEW$ 109,530
CartierRotondeW1556204NEW$ 109,530
CartierRotondeW1556246NEW$ 108,770
CartierRotondeW1580046NEW$ 103,450


Cartier watches
New, used, and vintage
Luxury á la française – that is the Cartier brand. The famous models from the renowned brand fuse French aesthetics with Swiss craftsmanship and have evidently become icons of Haute Horlogerie.

Cartier watches for ladies and gentlemen in the CHRONEXT online shop

Whether you’ve got your heart set on the Cartier Tank, Santos, Pasha or Panthère – CHORNEXT presents you with the opportunity to easily purchase your ideal Cartier watch with the simple click of a mouse. We offer a wide selection of new Cartier watches in addition to used and refined vintage models. Our online shop carries both men’s and women’s watches, ensuring gifts for your loved ones and significant others can easily be acquired.

Cartier – jeweller of kings, king of jewellers

Cartier can boast what seems like an everlasting list of royal clients. From 1904 to 1939, the company received 15 royal warrants to supply jewellery to several royal families. In 1926, Cartier created a unique headdress for the Maharaja of the former princely state of Kapurthala. Today, Cartier is still a favourite among royal families. Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, can be spotted adorning her luxurious Cartier Ballon Bleu around her wrist.

From the Santos to the Ballon Bleu – famous watch collections from Cartier

Then as in now, the renowned Cartier collection continues to delight watch lovers around the globe. Whether you are searching for the 1904 launched pilot’s Cartier Santos, the elegantly shaped Cartier Tank, or the modern yet sophisticated Ballon Bleu – the perfect watch for any watch enthusiast can be discovered in the CHRONEXT online shop.

Explore the world of Cartier

Are you searching for the perfect Cartier watch to adorn your wrist? Then don’t hesitate to delve into the fascinating and colourful history of Cartier and discover more about the rich tradition of one of the most prestigious jewellers in the world. At CHRONEXT, you can easily find your perfect Cartier model as well learn more about the price points of these luxurious watches.

Exceptional Service

Providing excellent customer service is one of our top priorities. We deliver your watch fast and with utmost attention to detail. Should you be looking for a specific model which is not in stock, we are happy to source it for you — free of any extra charges. If you would like to sell a watch, our experts will advise you on market developments and the ideal selling price for your timepiece.Should you have any questions regarding delivery, price or history of a specific model, your personal advisor will be happy to help at any time.
+44 (0)203 588 00 44 (Mo.-Fr. 8am — 8:30pm, Sa. 9am — 5:30pm)

Guaranteed Authenticity

We always guarantee a safe transaction. When you buy or sell a watch on CHRONEXT, your contract of sale is made directly with us. We take legal responsibility for every transaction and provide the highest data security standards, secure payment methods and fully insured shipment. In order to ensure the authenticity and quality of all watches sold through us, every timepiece is thoroughly checked by our watchmakers before it is ever shipped to our customers.This is guaranteed through our Certificate which you will receive with the purchase of any watch from CHRONEXT — new or pre-owned.

Fair Prices

Only the best is good enough for our customers. This goes for prices just as well as for service and security. Luxury watches are hardly ever cheap but there are still significant differences in price levels depending on where you shop. Thanks to our vast global network of suppliers and our low fixed costs, we are able to provide competitive prices at all times.
We scan the market daily for the best offers and always keep our prices up to date. Most important however is that our competitive prices will never lead us to compromise security and quality.

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Pickup your watch with CHRONEXT
A fine timepiece is more than just a time telling instrument, it is an investment that will be passed on for generations to come. That is why at CHRONEXT, we work hard to ensure that your luxury timepiece surpasses your expectations. Thus, we provide you with the opportunity to pick up your purchased timepiece in person, at one of our pickup stores, located in Cologne & Munich (Germany), London (UK) as well as in Zug (Switzerland)
During the time of pick up, a personal watch consultant will be available to answer any questions that you may have regarding your watch. Furthermore, at our Cologne location, a certified watchmaker will be available to gladly adjust your watch bracelet to fit the size of your wrist. Last but not least, you can also pay for your order on pick up via cash or credit card and there are absolutely no shipping fees associated with collecting your fine timepiece in-person.
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